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Thursday, May 28, 2009


For once a contractor was early.... Yes, I know.... E-A-R-L-Y!!!!

1.5 hours early!

With no phone call.....

Which meant the girls and I were still asleep.... In PJ's..... Nothing brushed....


So I rush around this morning pulling clothes off my floor (how long has that shirt been in that spot??? Humm.... *L*) and run the the door....

After yelling to the contractor he happily came in (with my apologies for the state of our house -we're moving things from downstairs to up to finish the basement thing- and the state of myself....)...

Less then 30 min's later the drawer face on Emma's side of the bathroom was replaced with another and everyone was happy.

What made me giggle? Emma had to approve it before he left!


Jesslikesstuff said...

A contractor was early?! Cool!!!

I'm sure he'd seen people in MUCH worse states than unbrushed hair and teeth lol! You probably looked well put together compared to some! :)

Yay for people showing up early instead of obnoxiously late!

Ashley Dawn said...

haha - that's awesome. Gotta love it when you're taken off guard, eh? Who saw THAT one coming!