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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Details. It's all about the details, right??!

Is it awful that I'm drawn to detail shots?

How the necklace sits on a collarbone.... How each cupcake was placed with such care to be in the exact way it's supposed to be for the drama? How a hairpin can make or break the hairstyle?

I LOVE details. Colors of shoes (usually hidden under a lovely wedding dress until photo time!), florals, food.... Oh the food! If I could take photos of food all day, I would!!!

Rings, dress (lacing it!), smiles, eye make-up, earrings, hands, sign-in book, love notes, favors, chair ties (oh the knots/bows!), chargers (if you were able to afford them!), the cake (oh gosh, yum!), the guests, the chandeliers (if you had them!).... The runner, the pew balls, the aisle, the invitations, the RSVP cards, the seating chart (endless hours putting that together!), the place cards, the specialty drink (that you designed), the candy table, the lingerie, the something blue.... oh gosh I could go on all day (or night I suppose)... All the things that YOU put so much time into, all the little details, that maybe to all of your guests noticed.... But I understand.... Those are what really pulls your wedding together. Maybe this is from many years of wedding planning?

Don't get me wrong, I love taking photos of humans too.... But I keep finding myself drawn to the details.

Think there's any way I could make some money out of detail only shots? Maybe throw in some candid photos too??!! *L*

*sigh* Finding myself as a photographer is a harder road then I imagined... A good one, but it has some slight turns in it that I wasn't expecting....



Basht said...

You could sell prints!!!

And I know what you mean. People will always remember the bride and groom, but ask them about the million little details that the bride probably almost killed herself over getting perfect and they will probably not remember. So it's nice that you like to put attention into the details. Maybe find a partner who could handle the other aspects of it, while you focus your lense on the details.

Jesslikesstuff said...

i think detail-oriented pics are great! Maybe you could try assisting a wedding (or other) photographer and that would give you the freedom to focus on details while the head photographer focuses on bigger picture elements. That's what we had at our wedding. Our photographer actually had 2 assitants (a husband-wife team) and we got a wide range of photos from tiny details (us holding hands while walking) to the broad bride/groom/wedding party photos. Maybe that's how you could work your interest in detail photography into your work as a starting-off point?