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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is NOT....

The blog you've been waiting to read! *L* But I've been feeling the need to blog, so here I am.... I do promise to blog about the move someday soon, really! We've been on the go so much that I've gathered a thousand stories and no time to blog about them all! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to have Tyler spend time with the girls while I do something VERY important..... BLOG! *L*

Anyhoo... Onto this blog. Things are going well. We're officially not the homeowners (or better yet, caretakers) of the old house.... Thank goodness! It's been lovely waking up in the morning not worrying about what has to be done in the old house.... Sunday (Mother's Day) we ended up not making it to our new Ward... Been here a few weeks now and still haven't made it! Ugh! We will soon though! *L* But yes, Sunday we were REALLY sore form the week so Tyler took me (and our girls) to Montana's for lunch! It was wonderful! Yes, we spent money on Sunday... Sorry to all Mormon's that GASPED as they read this part... You may want to stop here and skip ahead a little if this bothered you.... :P

After lunch we met up with Sarah and Conor at The Brick. We found a location that is closing for good so the deals they have are sweet! We walked int he door, saw some couches, sat on them and decided they were the ones for us! Just-like-that! We've been looking at furniture so much lately that I had actually hit a point where I swore if I saw another couch for sale again I'd die... Well maybe not die, but I wasn't enjoying it anymore! Back to the happy couches... They're red! Imagine! And they're amazing! They were just taken out of the boxes that morning and we snapped them up! One couch and a oversized comfy chair! I'll post photos as soon as my computer decided it likes my camera once again.... Tyler and Conor headed back to Leduc to pick up the U-Haul we had for the weekend (we could have paid for movers by now with all the U-Hauls we've used... AND they could have packed us!) to put the couches into... While the boys were doing that Sarah, Emma, Zoë and I headed to Ikea! Once tehre I picked out our new bed (ours got broken while being disassembled so we've grabbed a cheap bed for now), dressers and end tables. GEEE! The boys met up with us and loaded everything onto the U-Haul with my beautiful couches! We still need to go back and grab the end tables, they were sold out! *L*
This was how I spent my Mother's Day.... I currently have one of the two dressers mostly built. It still needs some more finishing nails into the back of it before I can actually place clothing into it! *L* Last night I decided I was going to build our bed as I wasn't fond of sleeping on the floor (on the mattress of course)... It's sooo pretty! OH! I can place these photos on here from the Ikea site... One sec...

My new bed!

My almost finished dresser! If it's too dark here!

My soon-to-be-built dresser... This one is for Tyler only! *L* And our TV will go above. Too dark? Look here!

My soon-to-own end tables! Too dark? Look here!

Oh! We also bought Emma a leaf! *L* It'll go over her head board!

Well.... I guess I should get going. We're heading into Devon today to watch my Mom and Andy paddle in... I fyou have some time you should check out the site for teh Davidi Thompson Brigade.... They've been working on this for just about 4 years and now will be paddeling across Canada for three months! It's crazy! Here's some links to this HUGE Brigade!

http://www.2008thompsonbrigade.com/ (The official site for the Brigade)

http://www.town.devon.ab.ca/home/featured.aspx?id=787 (This is what we're attending today... It's going to be SO much fun! Check out there PDF files... Crazy stuff happening!)

I'll write a whole blog about their journey when I get a chance... And post photos as I can. They're in the news, so keep your eyes open for them!

Have a great day!


Sarah said...

I knew you'd like your bed...I love it!! Does it look awesome in your room!? Yay!! New bedroom set and couches!! I'm so excited for you! :-D

See you tonight in Devon!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! i LOVE your bed and dressers! we almost had a lovely dresser/wardrobe set, but were unable to get ahold of them to view it (seriously, who doesn't have voicemail?!?!) and they sold it... :o( but we'll find something. and i hear you about stuff not surviving the move. our futon frame didn't make it, so right now our "couch" is a double futon mattress on the floor. bleah. oh well. we get a couch soon from ryan's sister. yay!